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Rochester Public Utilities Solar Rebate

Posted on January 23, 2022

The Rochester Public Utilities Conserve & Save® Solar Rebate program makes it more affordable for you to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your home or business.

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Saint Louis Park Solar Rebate Renewed for 2022

Posted on January 22, 2022

The Saint Louis Park Solar Sundown program has been re-approved for 2022! If you have a home or business in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, and you’ve been considering switching to solar, you should review what this program has to offer.

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Shakopee Public Utilities Rebate 2022

Posted on January 21, 2022

Do you own a home or business in Shakopee, Minnesota? Are you considering solar power? Shakopee Public Utilities is offering a $1,000 solar rebate for solar panel systems installed in 2022.

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2022 Minneapolis Solar Incentive: Green Cost Share

Posted on January 06, 2022

The Minneapolis Green Cost Share program has been renewed for 2022. Like other local programs, there have been changes compared to 2021. This year there is an even greater focus on projects in the Green Zone and Great Streets, in particular Environmental Justice and making solar affordable for those who could benefit the most from it. 

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EV Incentives and Solar by State (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts)

Posted on January 05, 2022
According to a recent study by EY, more than 40 percent of those planning to buy a new car are thinking of going electric. The rapidly growing popularity of these alternative vehicles coupled with recent federal initiatives to support alternative fuel sources has helped 47 states implement EV and solar incentives, helping to accelerate this trend further.
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Xcel Energy Solar Rewards for 2022

Posted on December 22, 2021

The Xcel Energy Solar Rewards program has returned for 2022, but with changes to the program compared to 2021. The Minnesota Legislature renewed funding through 2024.

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Changes to Dakota Electric Association Solar Rebate

Posted on November 30, 2021

There are changes coming for the Dakota Electric Association Solar Rebate that may influence your decision to choose solar in 2021 versus 2022.

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Takeaways from MnSEIA Gateway to Solar 2021

Posted on October 22, 2021

On October 18 and 19, 2021, some members of the team at All Energy Solar had the opportunity to attend the eighth annual Gateway to Solar conference in Downtown Minneapolis at the Hyatt Regency. 

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Xcel Energy Solar Rewards program extended for 2022

Posted on October 14, 2021

The Xcel Energy Solar Rewards program will be returning for 2022, but with changes to the program compared to 2021.

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Confusion surrounds Dakota Electric Association solar rebate

Posted on October 13, 2021

Dakota Electric Association has not yet renewed the utility’s solar rebate for 2022. The Board of Directors has to review and approve the solar rebate program before December. So far, there’s no indication which way the board will vote, and we’re already quickly approaching Halloween.

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