4 Simple Steps to Keep Your Solar System in Tip-Top Shape

Posted on October 15, 2019, by All Energy

Once you’ve made the decision to go solar, you’ll want to be sure that your system, once installed, is operating at peak efficiency at all times. There are a number of factors that help your system’s performance, including shade, orientation, temperature, system age, and maintenance.

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Do My Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Posted on October 11, 2019, by All Energy

You might be surprised to find out that your solar panels are one of the most low-maintenance appliance in (or on top of) your home. The minimal contact necessary with your solar panels is a major reason why they are such a massive investment for your home.

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Environmental Impact of Your Solar Panel Installation

Posted on September 26, 2019, by All Energy


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Are Tariffs REALLY a Threat to the Solar Industry?

Posted on September 24, 2019, by All Energy


Recent economic policy changes potentially have an impact on the entire U.S. economy in general and on the solar industry in particular. The 15 percent U.S. taxes that went into effect on September 1, 2019,  apply to about $112 billion of Chinese imports. All told, more than two-thirds of the consumer goods the United States imports from China now face higher taxes.

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What Does it Take to Build a Solar Energy System?

Posted on September 19, 2019, by All Energy

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already have an interest in solar energy and its applications for home and commercial power generation. But you may not know about what’s required for solar energy to make the journey from fabrication to distribution to installation. Here’s a quick look at the process needed to bring solar power to your doorstep.

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Solar Supply Chain—An Economic Engine

Posted on September 17, 2019, by All Energy

Of course it’s an affordable, clean source of renewable energy. But what you might not know is that solar power is also an economic jobs engine—in fact, it’s the top energy job producer in the United States. According to the 2018 National Solar Jobs Census, America now has more than 242,000 solar workers. The job census reports that solar energy adds jobs 17 times faster than the overall economy.

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Infographic: From Silica to Solar Power

Posted on September 11, 2019, by All Energy

Your solar panels are much more than a local  investment. Of course it’s an affordable, clean source of renewable energy. But what you might not know is that solar power is also an economic jobs engine—in fact, it’s the top energy job producer in the United States.

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Am I Able to Power My Entire House with Solar? (Video)

Posted on September 09, 2019, by All Energy

Whether or not you can power your entire house with solar depends on a few factors: the size of your solar installation (the bigger it is, the more it can power), the amount of sunlight it is exposed to, and the amount of energy your household uses.

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10 Questions to Ask a Solar Panel Installer

Posted on August 27, 2019, by All Energy Solar

If you’re interested in home solar installation, you’ll want to first have an audit of your property. You’ll be asked for details about your roof, your garage roof and other available space. You’ll discuss your current energy usage, the age of your shingles and the availability of any incentives, if applicable.

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Infographic: Home vs. Community Solar: Which Option is Right for You?

Posted on August 20, 2019, by All Energy

The popularity of solar energy has seen an incredibly steep incline within the past few years.  Innovations in technology, falling hardware prices, and a cultural shift towards a sustainable lifestyle has opened up options for many consumers across the country.

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