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What Some Owners Say Is the Biggest Surprise About Owning Solar Panels

We recently interviewed two solar panel owners, Jeff G. from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Stacy B from Maplewood, Minnesota, about switching to clean, renewable solar energy. Here’s what they had to say: 

202208_biggestsurpriseinterviewQ: When did you install solar panels on your house and why did you decide to make the decision to go solar? 

SB: We installed solar panels on our house in late December of 2017. We had looked into the possibility of doing it when we built our house in 2007, but we weren’t ready yet to make the investment. 


In 2017 we saw that solar incentives were going to drop from a 30 percent tax credit to 26 percent and our utility company was also offering additional incentives that made it really appealing. We decided it was a good time to make the move to solar.

JG: We installed them Sept 18th, 2022.  Primary reason for going solar was for the future health of the planet and the people who live on it. We would rather invest in cleaner technology than continue to throw money at old, dirty resources like coal and gas.

Q: What size solar panel system did you install on your property?

SB: We have a 30-panel system capable of producing 9.75 kWp (kilowatt peak). Our energy consumption has increased with two teenagers in the house and a small outbuilding we built in 2018. However, our system currently produces enough energy to cover about 60-70% of our total energy consumption yearly.

JG: Enphase IQ8A Microinverters with 12 LG400 panels.

Q: How has your system performed since you had it installed? 

SB: In the 5 years since we installed our system it has produced 52 MWh (megawatt hours) of electricity and saved us roughly $6,500.00 on our electric bill. Additionally, we receive an annual check from our utility company for the energy we’ve produced regardless of if it was used at our house or fed back to the grid. That has ranged between $600 and $800 a year.  

JG: We’ve only had one actual month to measure any results but so far, so good. I could use another month to appreciate the impact fully. Still, as of now, the Enphase app says we have almost achieved 40 percent of the household load, and that’s during the late fall and winter, so I would imagine we’ll be producing at or above our usage in the spring and summer months.

Q: What’s the biggest surprise about owning solar panels?

SB: Honestly, I almost completely forget they’re on our house until we get that monthly utility bill and see the savings. They’ve been basically completely maintenance free for us since the time we installed them.

JG: The best part is the financial reward for your sustainability choice. The ultimate win-win. win.—Planet. People. Power. But the biggest surprise is how satisfying it is to see the system producing clean energy.

Q: Would you install solar panels again?

SB: Absolutely! If we build another house I’d plan to have solar panels as an integral part of the house from day one.  

JG: Yes definitely! Wish we had room for more and done it sooner because it’s the right thing to do for the planet, for energy demand, and for financial stability as energy rises in price.

If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of investing in environmentally friendly, clean, renewable solar energy, contact an All Energy Solar representative.

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Posted on December 09, 2022