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Kenosha Area solar group buy gains momentum

Starting in mid-September and running through Nov. 30, residents in Kenosha and parts of southeastern Wisconsin can purchase solar energy products and renewable energy contracts through a group purchase program. Available only for a limited time, this group buy will help residents and businesses in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth counties to purchase solar panels, while simultaneously helping a new green energy business from the next generation - Blackbird Gen LLC.

Kenosha Area Solar Group Buy - All Energy Solar Blackbird Gen

This week the program held the first of several Zoom-based information sessions where attendees could learn about solar in general, as well as the specifics of how the Kenosha Area Group Buy works. The next session is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13 at 7:00 PM, with additional sessions scheduled throughout October and November. These events are free and open to the public. You can also contact All Energy Solar directly for a free solar evaluation for your property.

Additionally, this week a new article about the program appeared in the Kenosha News. See the excerpt below:

Sustainable. That is a word that best describes the efforts of two Carthage College marketing majors.

In the past year, Sophie Shulman and Zach Gibson, both 20 and committed to the environment, and sustainable renewable energy, formed a limited liability corporation whose mission is to promote renewable energy initiatives.

The first fruit of their labors is a partnership with All Solar Energy in which the students’ company, Blackbird Gen, is facilitating the Kenosha Area Solar Group Buy program.

Starting in mid-September and running through Nov. 30, residents in Kenosha and parts of southeastern Wisconsin can purchase solar energy products and renewable energy contracts from All Energy Solar in what is known as a “group buy.”

The students’ journey started last year with their involvement with Enactus, a campus business organization dedicated social impact work on campus.

Said Gibson, Enactus’ vice president: “There are two different facets of the Enactus project: that first one is the impact on campus and the second is the impact on the campus community. We figured one of the best ways (to have impact on our community) was to increase the amount of renewable energy used in Kenosha.”

The two began canvassing Kenosha area residents about their interest in and knowledge of solar energy and soon got into contact with All Energy Solar, a solar energy provider based in Minnesota.

According to information provided by All Energy, “the group buy initiative offers home and business owners additional rebates to help make the switch (to solar energy) ... The more people who sign up, the more rebates everyone in the group will receive.”

For its role in promoting the sales and providing education about solar energy, Blackbird Gen will receive funds from All Solar Energy.

Each person who gets a solar evaluation for their property through the program will trigger a $25 donation to the startup. In addition every five kilowatts of residential or commercial solar contracts signed as a result of the program will trigger a $300 donation to Blackbird Gen.

Read the rest of the article about Blackbird Gen LLC and the Kenosha Area Group Buy.


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Posted on October 01, 2021