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Why All Energy Solar is in Massachusetts

Sarah Zazzaro - Massachusetts Solar Manager

All Energy Solar is a product of two brothers with a drive to do the right thing both environmentally and socially. Michael Allen and Brian Allen started All Energy Solar in Minnesota in 2009 after working for solar electric companies on both coasts. One of the first additions to the team was Sarah Zazzaro, who joined the team after earning her M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Maine.

Sarah is a Western Massachusetts native and after learning the business in Minnesota she returned home to start the All Energy Solar Massachusetts branch. In addition to Sarah's local Granby, Massachusetts roots, All Energy Solar decided to make the expansion the rebates in Massachusetts for solar energy coupled with their high cost of electricity make going solar an obvious decision.

Keep an eye out for a future post about Massachusetts incentives, or just give us a call now to see what you can save with solar. Simply though, solar in Massachusetts makes complete sense.

Additionally, it is almost a necessity as a solar company to operate in more than one area. In Minnesota for instance, the money for incentives comes and goes very quickly and just recently XCEL announced the termination of the main solar rebate program after 2013. Working in such a volatile climate, we're really happy to be able to expand into new markets with great people like Sarah running the show from her hometown.

So we're happy to say that we're a truly local installer, providing local jobs in both Massachusetts and Minnesota.

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Posted on August 02, 2012