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What's up with Solar in Wisconsin?

What's up Wisconsin?  You had such a great Focus on Energy program that supported solar and renewable energy projects.  The Ashland current writes,  "So far this year, RENEW says the state's Legislature has reduced funding for Focus on Energy, suspended the statewide rule regulating the permitting of wind turbines, and weakened the state’s renewable energy standard by allowing utilities to count Canadian hydropower toward their requirements."  With the Focus on Energy program fully funded, jobs in clean energy had increased by 4,000 jobs and they had accounted for, "2.7 percent of all jobs in the state, compared with 2.5 percent for Iowa, 2.1 percent for Minnesota, 1.9 percent for both Indiana and Michigan, and 1.8 percent for Illinois."  The wages for these jobs were also higher than the average job ($37,931 versus $35,906).  And of course solar doesn't emit pollution into the air we breathe, always a good thing!

So many good things as a result of renewable energy and yet not keeping up that support?  Doesn't make much sense to us!  Can anyone explain?

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