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What do you think? Is the social entrepreneurship model the right path toward fixing problems facing developing countries? Or are NGOs and charities the way to go?

Take a look at this cool new solar light bulb that lasts five years and is inexpensive enough to be purchased by developing countries without access to electricity.  Stephen Katsaros invented the bulb and decided that social entrepreneurship is the path toward fixing problems facing developing countries.  He sells his battery powered LED light supply to non-profits and NGOs, for a profit, who then sell the product to some of the 1.4 billion people without access to electricity.   "He believes in creating 'smaller entrepreneurs around the globe' that can further foster local economic growth, according to an Aug. 14 CNN report.

Of course we think this light bulb is cool not only for helping those without electricity, but because this solar powered bulb can give a family four hours of day light never seen before, all through the power of solar.

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