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5 top solar power blog posts of 2020

It’s the end of what’s proved to be an unusual year and the beginning of what we all hope will be better times to come in 2021. On this New Year’s Eve, tis the season for looking back at what’s happened and what we’ve been talking about for the last 12 months. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top five most popular solar power blog posts for the year, as well as some other highlights worth your consideration.

  1. Infographic: The Solar Investment Tax Credit: What You Need to Know. This handy infographic accompanied our eBook Solar Tax Incentives Explained and helped to explain the federal solar investment tax credit, but as of resent events, it’s now outdated! Originally the credit was going to drop in 2021 and almost disappear entirely in 2022, but now the tax credit will remain at 26 percent through 2022 and will drop in 2023. Stay tuned for more information on that!
  1. What Solar Energy Incentives are Available? The federal tax credit isn’t the only solar incentive available for most people and businesses. Many states, local communities and even utility companies offer credits and rebates to help more people go solar. There are also specialized credits to help bring solar to residents and businesses in rural areas. Check out our ebook on the topic, Solar Incentives & Rebates.




  1. How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar System With Monitoring. Once your solar system is installed, you’ll want to know how it’s running: How much energy is the system producing? Is anything limiting power production? Seeing your energy production through monitoring is satisfying, but it’s also helpful for early identification of problems that may interfere with your energy production.
  1. Infographic: The Homeowner's Playbook for Selling Your Solar Home. Selling your home is a major life decision. This infographic is designed to assist all who plan on selling their home with solar panels. It compliments our ebook A Realtor’s Guide for Solar.
  1. Infographic: 6 Solar Shopping Tips. Solar can offer big benefits, but is it right for you? How do you choose the best solar installer and make sure they tailor the system to your home and your energy needs? These tips for making the power of the sun work for you came out of our Solar Shopping Tips ebook.

Officially, the most popular blog post of the year was in regards to All Energy Solar’s COVID-19 response. As this pandemic has stuck with us, we’ve wanted to keep our customers updated on the precautions we’re taking to protect their health and the health of our workers. But that’s not how we wanted to start this list.

And unofficially, the most popular story about All Energy Solar was over at Solar Builder Magazine! The MoZaic East solar installation in uptown Minneapolis for The Ackerberg Group was nominated to be one of the magazine’s top solar projects of the year. We were honored to win the Editor’s Choice Award for Solar Builder Magazine.

That's it, that's our list for 2020!  We look forward to sharing more great information and helping bring the power of the sun to more homes and businesses next year! We hope you have a peaceful and prosperous 2021!

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Posted on December 31, 2020