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Tips to Save Energy and Reduce Electric Bills

Electric bills can become overwhelming, especially in mid-winter. Here are some tips that can have an impressive impact on lowering your electric bill.


  • Do not forget to switch off the spare lights when leaving the room and think of installing automatic sensors.
  • Replace conventional light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). The CFLs emit the same quantity of light as the conventional bulbs do, but consume 75% less energy.
  • To have enhanced lighting at your work place, laundry corner, or garage, install fluorescent lights with illuminate coating and electronic ballasts.
  • While decorating your home for holidays or celebrations, use light emitting diodes (LED). The LED consumes 96%  less energy as compared to conventional lighting devices. They produce less heat too.

Consumer Electronics

  • Shut down your devices like printers, monitors, photo copiers, fax machines, personal computers, LCDs, which are not currently being utilized.
  • Connect your power adapters, cell phone, laptop or other battery charging gadgets in power sockets which can be turned off by a toggle button. Always keep the button off when the devices are in use.
  • When you purchase a TV set, purchase high definition television (HDTV) or a liquid crystal display (LCD). The Cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs consume 50% more power as compared to above mentioned models.


  • Instead of using your washing machine 2-3 times in a week, schedule one run of the machine in a week. It’ll save your dollars in terms of electricity bill.
  • More power is consumed to heat the water you use in your washer.  So use hot water only when the clothes are heavy. The new breed of detergents works as well in cold water as they work in hot water.
  • Front filling washing machines conserve energy as compared to standard top filling washing machines.
  • Always check the lint filter of your dryer as the lint blocks air circulation and decreases efficiency of your drying machine.
  • While purchasing a new clothes dryer, look for a wetness sensor. It will shut down the machine automatically when wetness has vanished and save you energy costs.

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