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Take Action: Defend the Next Generation of Energy

We've been keeping up with Fresh Energy, and this article they posted reminds us of how important it is to keep legislative bills in favor of sustainability and efficiency. It benefits us citizens first and foremost.

Originally posted by: Alison Lindburg on Feb 9, 2011 of Fresh Energy

Legislators in both the Minnesota House and Senate are moving bills that would repeal a current state law (part of the Next Generation Act of 2007) that requires companies that want to invest in new dirty energy from coal to compensate for the accompanied increased carbon pollution.

Rolling back on this law is a huge step in the wrong direction for Minnesota. Why?

  • It's expensive.
  • It supports other states' economies, not Minnesota's.
  • Dirty, expensive coal power pollutes our water and air, and it's affecting Minnesotans' health.
  • It doesn't make sense to set carbon reduction goals and then increase carbon through new dirty coal plants.
  • A strong majority (69 percent) of Minnesotans support the state's policy to limit expansion of new coal projects.
  • Minnesota needs to stay on track, moving toward the future of clean energy instead of relying on old, inefficient, and expensive technologies of the past.
  • Coal plants are the nation's and Minnesota's single largest source of carbon emissions.

Find out who represents you and call or write them a letter, asking them to vote NO on HF72in the House and SF86 in the Senate.

Time is of the essence: legislators are expected to vote on these bills this month.