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3 Ways to Supercharge the Payback on Your Solar Installation

If you're an All Energy Solar customer, you're already on the path to saving money with solar. Now, how would you like to save more money? We are pleased to announce that we offer 3 ways for you to supercharge the payback on your solar array thanks to our Referral Program.

We are sure that you’re eager to share your newfound electric savings, and our referral options make it a fun experience to increase your solar savings even more!

Here’s 3 ways to get the word out:

1. Host your own “Solar BBQ” -- The end of summer is the perfect time to spend time with your friends and family, enjoy FREE food, and set yourself up for lots of solar referral rewards. We would love to help you throw a Solar BBQ to show your solar array off to your neighbors.

Your job? Invite at least ten potential solar candidates to a party and get them to R.S.V.P. Once you have 10 confirmations, we’ll order the food!  For every one partygoer who follows through installing solar with us, you will earn $250, and there is no limit to how much referral money you can earn. Let’s get the party started.

2. Share your “Solar Story” -- This option requires less planning on your part. We’ll help you prepare a case study of your solar installation to be featured on our website. Once the story is live, we’ll share it with our Facebook audience and encourage you to share the story with your connections. For every person that signs up for solar after viewing your story you will earn $250.

With case studies, we can demonstrate to your Facebook friends our installation process, and prove how practical it is to invest in solar!  For an example, you can view solar stories at our website’s Case Studies page. Write your solar story with us!

3. Submit your Referrals -- Simply head to our website or contact your Solar Power Consultant to pass along your friends and family’s contact information if they’re interested in solar.  Let them know that we’ll be calling, and then we’ll discuss scheduling a free solar analysis with them.  If they follow through with installing solar, you will earn $250. Submit a referral here to get started.

Together, let's spread the sun’s power to your friends and family! For more information or to discuss other ideas about how we can get the word out and help you to shave time off your payback with our referral program, feel free to give us a call at (800) 620-3370 or contact us online at

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Posted on July 28, 2014