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Should Your Business Go Solar? Here Are Some Questions to Answer

You’ve heard about the many advantages in generating electricity for your business with solar, and by now you may even know some other business owners who are doing just that. So is it time for your business to go solar? Let’s review a few key questions you’ll want to consider at the outset.

  1. Would your bottom line benefit by lower monthly electric bills? (Seems like a no-brainer, but we thought we’d ask, anyway.)

  2. What are the current energy needs to run your business? This is key in determining the size and scale solar system for your facility.

  3. Do you own your facility or are you leasing?

  4. Near your expected location for solar panels, are there any shade-creating obstructions (think trees, other buildings, rooftop elevation changes) preventing the sun from reaching those spaces? Direct sun on your panels is what creates the greatest amount of solar energy, so access to consistent light is critical.

  5. What kind of roof do you have, and how big is it?  Depending on your roof age, material, and configuration, certain sections may not be suitable for solar panels. Most businesses, however, have roofs that are ideal for an efficient solar installation.

  6. How much solar energy can be net-metered by your utility company? This can dictate the most appropriate size system for your facility.

  7. Finally—and very important—what kinds of government and utility incentives are available if you switch to solar, and how can those be beneficial to your business? These credits and benefits can significantly reduce your return on investment in a new solar system.

Making the move to solar may seem like a big job, but by knowing the answers to these questions and putting the All Energy Solar team to work for you, you’ll be amazed at how simple and straightforward the process can be.

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Posted on February 18, 2019