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Rotating Solar Home Generates More Power Than It Uses

German architect Rolf Disch has created a solar powered home that not only doesn't waste  energy , but actually produces more than it uses. Dubbed the Heliotrope, the home actually rotates along with the sun in order to gather as much solar energy as possible.
The cylindrical Heliotrope features triple-paned thermal insulated glass on one side to allow the maximum amount of light inside the house, as well as a large solar panel on the roof and vacuum-solar thermal collectors along the balcony railings. The large roof panel, called the Sun Sail, is able to track the  movement  of the sun and turn and pivot automatically in order to be in the best possible position at all times. This movement is independent from the rotation of the house and allows for 30-40% higher energy gain compared to static solar panels.
There are plenty of other  eco-friendly  features built in to the house as well, including a water purification system for waste water and a basin on the roof for collecting rain water. Three different Heliotropes have been built to date, including the prototype, which is the current home of creator Disch himself.