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Renewable Energy: A Central Theme in Politics

One of the most important subjects to our industry and for job creation lies with the politicians who support the voices of our nation. 
The  Clean Energy Economy is not new to politics, m any politicians have discussed renewable energy as a central theme in their platform.  In a recent  Opinion Exchange article in the Star Tribune , Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Entenza discussed his desire to continue to find ways to grow the renewable energy industry in Minnesota and create sustainable jobs. Also, in a recent  facebook  posting we touched on this ongoing topic. Check out this video from  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart .
So in 4 decades we have planned, talked, researched, and pursued alternative energies and solutions to our dependence on foreign oil, and in 4 decades what have we accomplished? We were on the right path, in fact in 1992 the U.S. had 40% of the world's installed Photovoltaic (PV) capacity, the largest share held by any country. By 2007, PV installations in the United States had grown to more than nineteen times the 1992 level, but accounted for only 11% of the world's installed PV capacity. We were the leader, so what happened?
Today, more than ever, we are reminded of the impacts the energy industry has on our pocket books, the environment, and our safety and well being. Maybe the oil spill in the Gulf, the coal mine disaster out East, and the wars we have been fighting for over a decade will finally convince all of us that there has to be a point when it is too much.