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3-2-1 Blast Off! Referral Raffle Roundup

Over the months of July, August, and September, All Energy Solar held a special raffle event. Solar Ambassadors and All Energy Solar customers had the opportunity to win extra $100 gift cards and some BIG grand prizes of up to $5,000!


These prizes were above and beyond the $25 gift cards and $500 checks that would otherwise be earned through the Solar Ambassador Program.

For every referral that made an appointment with All Energy Solar, we entered the referring Ambassador’s name into the raffle. If they made ten referrals and five of them set appointments, the Ambassador would have five raffle entries - or five chances to win.

Every month, we picked TEN people to win $100 gift cards, resulting in 30 people winning $3,000 total. Then in early October, after all the entries had been tabulated, we drew two more names to win $1,500 each. Finally, one lucky Solar Ambassador won the grand prize of $5,000.

We asked them what they might do with their prizes:

“I’m not quite sure what we'll do with it yet. I've been thinking of using the prize as a jump start towards replacing my natural gas heater with a heat pump. On the other hand, we’re fortunate to have the wealth to allow us to add solar, which has minimized our Xcel payments. We might donate it to a group like Second Harvest or an international hunger relief group like UNICEF instead." - Stuart & Mary Ellen, Grand Prize Winners

“We are both very pleased about winning the draw and the size of the winnings. This will cover all our Thanksgiving & Christmas expenses!” - Gary & Rose, BIG Prize Winners

“Thanks again for running the raffle, it is a nice bonus on top of what you already offer in the ambassador program. The money will be very nice for the upcoming holidays. I really enjoy speaking with people about my solar panels and All Energy Solar, quality from beginning to end, only good things to say. While it is not exactly inexpensive, you do get what you pay for and it is hassle/pain free.” - Jeff & Tara, BIG Prize Winners

The raffle may be over, but the benefits of spreading the word about solar power are still going strong! As mentioned previously, each referral could earn you between $25 to $525! And anyone can be a Solar Ambassador.Become a Solar Ambassador

Log in or sign up to be an All Energy Solar Ambassador or read up on some of our frequently asked questions. You can also get ideas for how you can spread the word about solar power by downloading our Solar Ambassador Referral Handout, with suggestions you may find helpful.

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Posted on November 10, 2021