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We’re Adding Portable Solar Chargers to Our Camping List This Summer!

Camping clears the mind; you can see more stars than you could ever see in the city, cook on the campfire, and surround yourself in nature.  But in some cases, it would be convenient and even life-saving to have a power outlet.  Solar is the solution!  Outdoor Life magazine has tested and graded the JOOS Orange solar charger as the best in durability, portability, chargeability, and value.  It’s waterproof, stores energy for later use, and can power devices while it’s charging.

All Energy Solar gives a JOOS Orange solar charger to anyone who refers 5 friends to us for a free solar quote.  In addition, for every one of your referrals who follow through by installing a solar array with us, you will receive $250.  With our Referral Bonus Program, you can receive a top rated solar charger and make an unlimited amount of referral money!

Radiate solar energy to your friends, help the environment, and add some cool gear and extra spending money to your camping vacation this summer.  Camping with solar proves that solar energy is an independent, universally accessible, and an undeniably abundant power source.

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Posted on July 02, 2014