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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Solar Panels Now

Solar is growing, and more and more Americans are considering making the switch to solar but aren’t sure it’s a good fit for them or their property.  

Below are five reasons why you shouldn’t make the move to solar now.


1. You’re considering moving

If you’re planning on moving from your home in the coming year, then you might want to hold off on investing in solar panels. Although homes with solar panels typically sell for a higher price, you may want to wait until you’ve found a home you’ll be at for a few more years so you can genuinely enjoy the savings your solar panels will deliver.

2. Your roof is in poor condition

Solar panels actually serve to lengthen the life of your roof by partially shielding it from harmful weather conditions and UV light.  However, that’s assuming your home or business has a roof that is in good condition. If you need to make repairs to your roof, you’ll want to hold off on getting solar until those improvements are made. 

3. Your roof isn’t suitable for solar

Your solar panels need to have access to extended periods of sunlight exposure to be worth the investment. If your home or business’s roof is surrounded by obstructions that limit the amount of sunlight you get, then rooftop solar might not be suitable for you. However, if you have access to ample real estate on your property that does get good sunlight exposure, you could consider adding a ground-mounted solar option.

4. You just don’t have the space

If your home or business has a small roof that doesn’t allow you to add an adequate number of panels to generate enough energy to make a real impact on your utility bill, then solar might not be right for you.  

5. You don’t qualify for solar rebates or incentives

Although many incentives and rebate programs are available for solar panel installations, the federal government’s solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is the most significant solar incentive program available. The ITC offers property owners with qualifying solar systems a tax credit of 26 percent on the installation costs for systems placed in service by Dec. 31, 2022. The amount falls to 22 percent in 2023 and drops to 10 percent for business in 2024 while expiring completely for residential projects. You’ll qualify for this program so long as you don’t owe back taxes, your system is a small-scale photovoltaic system—having a capacity of less than 1 megawatt (MW), and you’re placing it on a qualifying owner’s property. However, if you can’t meet those requirements, then solar might not be suitable for you.


To learn more about if solar is right for you and your property, contact an All Energy Solar representative who can help walk you through the process.

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Categories: Solar FAQ
Posted on August 05, 2021