Property owners build solar thanks to rising electricity cost, incentives

May 12, 2018

Kris Gansen had been looking for solar power options for her Broadway Avenue property for years.

Gansen finally made the decision after All Energy Solar, a company she had eyed for the work, contacted her to say the company would begin installations in southern Minnesota. She said this was preferred because, “We could get on it right away.”

And the price was right.

They got a 30 percent federal tax credit or $7,000 back, she said. If they produce and don’t use all the electricity, they’ll get a check when there’s more than $25 worth accrued.

Michael Allen, president of All Energy, said the region is warming up to solar.

“We see a lot of interest in that area,” Allen said. “I think, in general, people are really starting to ask more questions. They want to understand, ‘What are my choices or options when it comes to producing my own power?’”

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