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Mid-West Eco Experience

Since 2006 the Minnesota State Fair has been promoting the Eco Experience. The Eco Experience showcases renewable energy and exhibits on air, water, land, green buildings, organic agriculture and local foods.  In 2010, the exhibit won a Minnesota Renewable Energy Society award for its efforts to promote sustainable energy.
The sustainable energy industry has seen steady growth in the Midwest and job creation is a major component of that growth. Industry leaders are turning to the Midwest as the source of the next big renewable energy boom. The potential for manufacturing and administrative jobs continues to increase and the availability of qualified laborers can’t seem to keep up.
It is obvious that the State of Minnesota is making sustainable living and renewable energy a priority. Because of that priority more and more incentives are coming into play. Xcel Energy offers their *Solar Rewards* program and will be coming out with a new incentive called Made in Minnesota. The State was able to offer some additional incentives back in March and April of 2010 due to the ARRA funding that was made available.
There are serious signs that are pointing to the Midwest and we all are responsible. Give yourself a pat on the back for being a part of an important renewable energy revolution.