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Lowering the Cost of Solar Through Community Programs

As a determined individual you can do just about anything, but combine the efforts of many determined individuals and they can change the course of history. It's an amazing phenomenon when a group of people get together to change something. There is real power in that, and when used for the right reasons, real change.
Picture All Energy Solar as a determined individual. It's goal is to put solar energy on as many rooftops as possible. Now combine All Energy Solar with every other solar energy company in the US and you have a collective group that is making real change happen. Now picture yourself as that determined individual. Maybe your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint or eliminate your electric bill. Maybe you think solar energy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Whatever your goal, I can guarantee others share that same goal. So how can you join forces to accomplish your goals and get the best price?
A Community Solar Program is a great way to utilize bulk pricing. When we buy in bulk we get discounts, thats why Sams Club and CostCo are so successful, and the concept works great for solar as well. I have personally watched as 30 homes in a development pooled their purchasing power and were able to reduce their individual system cost by 20%. 

The AES Community Solar Program is being developed in several communities across Minnesota and Wisconsin and the more communities we become a part of the more discounts we get to offer. We try and approach every customer with this option, because who doesn't like a discount? If you think your community would be a great place for this program let us know. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog, send us an email, or give us a call.

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