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Letter to Congress

I'm Sue Owen, the Communications Intern here at All Energy Solar. Because I'll return to school this fall and won't be able to continue here, I wanted to write a letter to Congress that I hope will express how over the course of this summer internship, I have been wholly persuaded that solar power is the best way for the country to consume energy. In the letter, I ask Congress to enact a hefty tax on carbon.  Join me in writing Congress in favor of climate action, and as a collective force we can make the changes necessary to preserve our environment. What an inspiring and educational internship this has been!

I've sent the letter to all of the Minnesotan Congressional members.

Dear (Congressional Senator, Representative, or Candidate),

I’m Susan Owen, an intern at All Energy Solar, a solar installation company in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Ever since my neighbors installed two solar panels on their roof when I was ten years old, I have been a supporter of renewable energy. He now owns a solar company in Minnesota. Solar is a trend that catches on quickly, but will advance even faster with Congress’s help.

Solar panels and renewable energy technology have advanced by leaps and bounds.  The rapidly growing renewable energy sector inspires innovation, creates jobs, and protects the environment we have only recently learned to cherish. Despite our knowledge of the benefits of renewable energy, the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies has been too slow because expendable, polluting sources of power are still affordable. Our environment is a crumbling foundation, and its maintenance must be at the top of our priorities. I ask Congress to do more to help the environment by enacting a vigorous tax on carbon that reflects the real price of using fossil fuels, and sharply reduces the output of carbon emissions. The country’s energy consuming population needs strong encouragement from the government in order to make the switch from polluting energy to clean energy.

Lawmakers have the power to improve the condition of the entire globe by enacting laws to advance the cause of renewable energy, a bipartisan cause that is not based on opinions or values. The renewable energy movement needs the influence of lawmakers and public figures to make policies that determine climate change is a problem we as a globe must act upon with full force. We must be relentless in this cause.

Congress and the public as a whole have the influence and wherewithal to adjust to a more harmonious relationship with the climate--one where we use the planet’s resources without exploiting them. For too long we have carelessly burned expendable fossil fuels. With recent innovations in technology, solar power and other sources of renewable energy are affordable and practical for the consumer and the environment. Now is the time to make a drastic change in the way we consume energy as a nation.

Please let me know what steps Congress is taking to reduce climate change, and thank you for your time and all your hard work.


Susan Owen

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Posted on August 26, 2014