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Keeping up with the Joneses

Price is no longer the number one motivator for installing solar. A recent study conducted by researchers at Yale and the University of Connecticut found that taking the leap into solar energy has much more to do with whether your neighbors have done the same.

Over 3,800 solar systems in the state of Connecticut were mapped over eight years and it was found that installing one additional solar project in an area increased the installations within a half-mile radius by almost half.

This phenomenon, sometimes referred to as “green envy,” is also the reason that people buy Priuses; they want to be green so that they can show off their environmental consciousness. While there are many great economic and environmental reasons to go renewable, humans are ultimately socially motivated and find more reason to go green when their friends and neighbors have too.

The same study found that income had very little to do with whether solar was installed. It was expected that wealthy upper-class homeowners would have the most solar, but middle-income homeowners were installing just as much solar.

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Posted on November 07, 2014