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Jay’s Climate Story

"Over the years, I have witnessed the Red Wing community grow and change in ways I never would have imagined. Now outdoor ice is a rarity in Southern Minnesota. One month, maybe five weeks, is now about all you can hope for when it comes to outdoor ice. Working with the Red Wing Public Works Department, I know this first hand. In December, our crews work around the clock, if and when the temperatures are cold enough, to get the outdoor ice ready so the kids can go skating over Christmas vacation. Even if they do get ice by late December, the fear is that we will see another year with a January thaw bringing 40+ degree temperatures and melting all of the ice."

Click to link to listen to or read Climate Generation's story from Jay McCleary, formerly of Red Wing's Public Works team as he describes his "Climate Story" and why Red Wing's solar installations with All Energy Solar were personally important to him.


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Posted on January 02, 2018