How All Energy Solar is Responding to COVID-19 - Updated 9/21/2020

September 21, 2020

Dear Customers,



Autumn is upon us. The more things change (leaves, outerwear choices) the more they stay the same (masks, social distancing). Yes, the pandemic is still with us, and we are still taking all the precautions necessary to provide a safe, healthy work environment for our employees and customers. Our solar installations have been moving ahead at a brisk pace—we’ve installed over 700 arrays on homes and businesses this year, and customers are as happy as ever to acquire their own solid, reliable source of energy during these unpredictable times. 

We have made a few adjustments along the way, but for the most part we’ve settled into an efficient and comfortable rhythm as we continue to serve our markets with clean, efficient and budget-friendly solar energy options. 

We follow local guidelines for the states in which we do business—here is a rundown of current safety protocols:

Everything we can do virtually remains virtual, including:

  • Remote evaluations of your solar opportunity are still completed virtually-- through conference calls and screen share/webinar demonstrations.
  • Off-site completion of preliminary design work is done without visiting the property, with more fine-tuned designs finalized as necessary after on-location inspections.
  • Installation and interconnection process is handled outside whenever possible.
  • All documents and applications are signed with e-sign.

And once installations begin and we’re on site: 

  • Crews travel in separate vehicles to job sites.
  • Anywhere on the property our employees are required to wear face coverings, including on the roof. Face coverings are provided by AES.
  • When a member of our team needs to enter a property, they will do so with masks and gloves and will sanitize the area after service is performed. 
  • Customers are required to take surveys before we enter any home. For team members who enter homes, surveys are required daily

In addition, all of our employees are required to report if they believe they have had any contact with anyone with COVID-19, or if they are feeling any symptoms. If symptomatic, they must stay home until they are medically cleared to return to work. Should an employee test positive, we will shut down the entire crew and isolate them until cleared.

The times are challenging, but your local, dedicated All Energy Solar team takes these precautions seriously, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice to invest in solar, and the right choice with your solar installer. 

Thank you for putting your trust in us, and stay safe!

Michael Allen
President & CEO
All Energy Solar



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