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How to Enjoy the Summer Before It Ends

Summer is flying by, and it's already almost August!  Here's a few tips on how you can take advantage of the last month of summer.


  • Pack a picnic, hop in the car, and find a secluded beach.  Mille Lacs Lake is a favorite among Minnesotans--the northeast stretch of highway 18 is lined with sandy beaches, some of which are so shallow you can wade a mile out into the lake.

lake mille lacs


  • Rent a cabin at a resort or pretend you're staying there and grab lunch at the beach restaurant.  Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge has a beautiful patio with great food overlooking Bay Lake (see Bay Lake on the map above in the top left corner--stop there after your day at the Mille Lacs beaches).



  • End the summer with a little farm-to-table cooking.  Preserve fresh fruit and vegetables from local Farmers Markets and you'll have a taste of summer all year long! Here's a link to an article on The Best 5 Farmers Markets in New England. 

11149-675x415 Photo by article's author, Christine Chitnis


  • Take a great American day hike.  Below is a glimpse of California's Ancient Coast Redwoods.  What a magnificent hike!



  • Visit a sleeper city.  Provincetown, Madison, Charleston, Sarasota, Sacramento, Savannah, and many others are all historic cities that deserve attention.
  • Get to the State Fair!


Internationally Acclaimed Iowa State Fair Internationally Acclaimed Iowa State Fair

  • Go solar and take advantage of the summer sun!



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Posted on July 24, 2014