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Energy vs. IT

The information age has been mind boggling. We have seen technology soar, innovation take hold, and new technologies pop up before the one before it has even left the shelves. It's like the idea of Moores Law. Technology will better itself every two years, but what was Moore really talking about? He was looking at the circuit and how they could double the number of circuit's on a board every two years. Many people believe that they can apply this same level of advancement we have seen in the IT Revolution to the Energy Revolution and in particular, renewable energy. The bottom line is that Energy and IT are not the same and the level of innovation will not happen on such a short timeline. Think of energy as Evolution... it's going to take a while.

There are several reasons why energy cannot compete on the same level of innovation and upgrade as IT. 1.) The barriers in the energy sector, from political to regulatory, require a long time to implement. 2.) Information technologies were being deployed with an entirely new framework where as energy is constantly competing with a well established framework.  3.) Capitol. IT technologies are relatively inexpensive to roll out where as renewable energy technologies are capitol intensive.

We recently read an article and listened to the podcast by Stephen Lacey editor of Renewable Energy World. We would like to share this article with you.