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Don't Miss out on SRECs in Massachusetts

The New England Patriots are far from economically insolvent as a team, yet the Massachusetts’ solar industry still made more money installing solar panels than the team in 2012.  In fact, Massachusetts was named the sixth top solar state for 2012 by the Solar Energy Industry Association with 128.9 megawatts installed - enough energy to power 32,000 homes.

As a result of increased MA solar demand, new systems brought online after October 28th of this year will only be able to sell their Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) for 8 years instead of 10.  This means that if you sign up to get solar installed after October 18th of this year you’re losing out this years rebate. The upfront rebates are not going to be renewed for next year.

For more information on what SRECs are check out this SREC blog.

To help homeowners go solar before the April 15th deadline for 10 years of SRECs,

The values of SRECs are dropping for systems installed next year.  So for environmentally conscious citizens who want to make the October 28th system installation deadline and therefore save more money, make sure to sign up with All Energy Solar before October 18th.

Don’t miss out on your upfront rebate. Sign up before the policy change and save money.  Sign up HERE or call 800.620.3370 for your free solar quote.

Once you sign up for a quote a sales representative will contact you to schedule an in home appointment to determine the optimal system size and help you decide which purchase or finance option is the best for you.

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Posted on March 18, 2013