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Daily Breeze: YES: Will "Green Energy" Create Millions of Jobs in the US

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Incredible, isn't it? The number of potential jobs continues to grow. I'm not entirely convinced at the numbers being used in this article, but it is still hopeful to see a positive spin on future job creation.Also, there are Federal Tax credits for renewable energy that help pay for 30% of the system cost. Where the funding truly needs to come from is at the State level.Each State adopts a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and from this allocate a certain amount of funds towards reaching the RPS goal. The money, in the form of rebates and additional incentives, will help reduce the upfront investment, allowing more homeowners and businesses to adopt solar energy. I don't think the federal gov't can afford to put more money towards additional incentives so It needs to happen at a more localized level.State utility providers should be forced to provide an incentive to customers who go solar and install other alternative energy systems like wind and geothermal. Any thoughts?

YES: Will "Green Energy" Create Millions of Jobs in the US - By Kathy E. Read

YES: From San Diego to Cape Cod, they spring up daily.