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Businesses in Minnesota like All Energy Solar make it easier for employees to vote

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Benjamin Allen, a warehouse manager for All Energy Solar in River Falls, Wis., where he took a selfie after he voted. St. Paul-based All Energy Solar encouraged high voter turnout by hiring a voter coach to answer questions and help simplify the process, whish is more complicated this year amid the coronavirus.

Brandon Charboneau first got cranked on politics when he ran for class president in the fifth grade.

The sales consultant at All Energy Solar, who calls himself a “political dork,” this year helped lead a first-time effort at his company to hire a voting coach. The goal: to help employees find their polling places, information on candidates and how to vote by mail or at early-voting locations.

 “We see it as an important corporate value,” said Charboneau, who floated the idea to the St. Paul-based company’s four-member policy team. “Participation in democracy is important.”

Advocates have long called to make Election Day a national holiday, as it is in many countries. Congress has taken no action, however, leaving businesses and employees to take their own steps.

Read more about how All Energy Solar and other businesses are stepping up to help employees know how to exercise their right to vote:




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Posted on November 03, 2020