Apple Looking to Solar Power its Gadgets

April 05, 2011

-Origin: Boots on the Roof

Last time we talked to you about iPhones, it was in reference to an awesome application that measured the potential solar power in a given area. Now, we are going to do one better… imagine a phone that not only measures solar power, but is actually powered by solar energy. How's that!?

As you know, Apple products have surged in popularity over the past decade thanks to their continued innovation in the development of gadgets that match the needs of consumers, almost intuitively. Apple products can truly be what you want them to be, with the endless entourage of free applications and services. iPods, iPhones, iPads and even the MacBook have been huge hits; now it appears that all of them may be powered by solar energy in the near future.

The company has already held a variety of solar patents, but they have a very specific and potentially game-changing one in their possession now. The development would provide a reliable, consistent and precise way to recharge the batteries of these devices, which are well known to have very exacting needs. Apple's challenge is to create a voltage and sufficient charge to meet the sensitive needs of a hi-tech lithium battery.

The patented device basically places a "smart" control circuit and converter in between the solar power source and the delivery of the electrical power. The intelligent circuitry refines the incoming solar power so that it meets the precise needs of the Apple batteries, and produces a high quality energy source that can be harnessed without limit for their portable gadgets.

And according to various news sources, it's just one step away from having phones completely covered in solar power panels which can charge by sitting in the sun.

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