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An Introduction

As the (relatively) new Digital Media Manager for All Energy Solar, I wanted to introduce myself as the human behind the blog.  If you interact with us at all on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or a handful of other Social Media platforms, or on this website, you're most likely talking to me.

So without further ado, hello! I'm William Blackman - nature junkie, environmental proponent, Alaska native, and standardized test expert.

I started working with the All Energy Solar team this spring, and will continue to be here for the foreseeable future.  These are a few of the hardest working, committed, respectable people I know, so I'm extremely happy to be the virtual face of the company. I know that I have the freedom to be open and honest with all of our followers and customers, because we are actually doing the right thing on all levels - environmentally, socially, commercially, legally.. etc.

On this blog I will be sharing industry news, company news, employee profiles, personal views, and anything else I feel you might be interested in or I'm interested in. I invite you to share your thoughts with the knowledge that you're talking to someone who actually is interested and will respond to any questions you have. Also note that I will occasionally be sharing my opinions (potentially controversial as anything in the environmental fields is), which may or may not echo the views of the company.

I'll refrain from gushing about myself or the company much more, but I do really enjoy talking about anything even remotely related to solar, so either comment on facebook or on the blog posts themselves. Also, if you're in the twin cities area and want to meet up, I'd be more than happy to meet and talk in person (almost a novelty for us web gnomes).

I look forward to hearing from you in the future and I hope you look forward to hearing from me on a fairly regular basis too!


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Posted on August 01, 2012