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Albertville family discovers solar energy rebates

“Just because you live in Minnesota doesn’t mean you can’t have solar energy,” said Matt Renczykowski, of Albertville.

He and his wife Ann have installed solar energy panels on the roof of their house. They expect to save money in the long run by getting their electricity from solar panels.

“Who knows what rates will be 15 years from now,” Matt said. He predicted that rates would only go up. And he has noticed that “almost every other house in Arizona” has solar panels. In that state electrical rates are noticeably higher than in Minnesota.

Financial incentives from the federal government and Xcel Energy made installation affordable for the Renczykowskis in 2015 and incentives continue to be available.

Click the link to read the full story from the Crow River News and learn more about why Ann & Matt decided that the time was right to add solar to their home!


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Posted on April 04, 2018