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4 Simple Steps to Keep Your Solar System in Tip-Top Shape

Once you’ve made the decision to go solar, you’ll want to be sure that your system, once installed, is operating at peak efficiency at all times. There are a number of factors that help your system’s performance, including shade, orientation, temperature, system age, and maintenance. Once you’ve gotten the system installed, the single biggest thing you can do for your system is to make sure it’s well-maintained. If the system becomes dirty or dusty, efficiency can decline.4-simple-steps-to-keep-your-solar-panels-in-tip-top-shape

Here are some quick tips for regular solar maintenance.

  1. Ask your installer. They’ll be happy to provide you with suggestions on the cadence and method of maintenance that will work best with the system you’ve purchased.

  2. Take a look. As you’re out in your yard, make sure to look up and see what’s happening with your array. Make sure no nests are being built, and that no branches or debris are lying across the surface of the array.

  3. Closer inspection. At periodic intervals, you’ll want to climb a ladder and get a closer look. Choose a day when the sun isn’t shining directly on the panels, because they can get hot. If you are unable to do this, ask your installer for a recommendation on a professional cleaner.

  4. Spray cleaning. Begin by spraying dirt off with your garden hose. If there’s still an
    accumulation on the panels, use the cleaning solution recommended by your installer. 

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Posted on October 15, 2019