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200 Mile Journey in a Solar Powered Wheelchair

Where will solar energy take you? Haidar Taleb, a 47 year old man from United Arab Emirates, is determined to make a 200 mile journey with solar power. However, he is not using typical transportation methods. Haidar has built himself a solar powered wheelchair and plans to travel 200 miles, breaking a world record he previously had for travelling 80 miles from Abu Dahbi to Sharjah, UAE.

Haidar has built himself a solar powered wheelchair because he is travelling to send the message that people with disabilities can defeat the challenges they are faced with. Haidar stated, “By taking-up this journey, I want to raise awareness about disability and tell people that we, despite our disability can achieve anything as an individual, if we are determined to try and have courage to do so.”

Haidar is also using his journey to promote ecologically friendly wheelchairs, a relatively new idea. He said, “This journey was important in the sense that through it, apart from encouraging persons with disabilities in general, I have shown the world that solar-powered wheel-chairs are important and they can change the lives of persons with mobility problems.” Haidar's journey is receiving support and sponsorship from Masdar, a commercial enterprise expanding boundaries in renewable energy and sustainable industries.

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